Tips On Renting A Car

If you do not rent a car regularly, renting one can be a challenge for you when you consider various things including insurance charges and other hidden fees. Renting a car can save you a lot of money but it is important that you do your homework before you rent one. Here is a list of some of the important things that can help you in renting the right car for your needs at the right price.

First and foremost, keep in mind that the location from where you rent the car can have a huge impact on rental prices. For instance, if you choose to rent the car straight from the airport, expect to pay a much higher fee as the car rental companies are required to pay the airport fees in addition to their own charges. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a car rental company that provides vehicles at a place other than the airport. While you may have to take a cab to go to the rental car place but the cost of the cab ride is worth it when you consider the price difference.

It is recommended to use a credit card to rent a car as many car rental Singapore companies also check the credit score before the rent a car. It is also important to keep in mind that some companies will put a hold on some of the funds from your card until you return the car. Some companies do not accept prepaid credit cards, and therefore, it is suggested that you use a regular credit card to rent the car at the right price.

You will also need to specify the number of drivers when you rent the car. It is recommended that you keep the number of drivers to a minimum to rent the car at the cheapest price. The more number of drivers you list on the form, the higher you will have to pay as fees stack up with the number of drivers. Also, if you list a driver below 25 years of age, you might have to pay a daily fee in addition to the regular car rental charges.

Many people do not know that they are not required to buy the insurance on the rental car from the car rental company. In other words, you can shop around and buy cheaper car insurance from some other company instead of buying it through the car rental agency. It has been observed that there is significant difference in the insurance fees when you buy it from another party instead of the car rental agency.images (3)

Do not make the mistake of bringing the car back without the tank full of gas. You can always ask the rental agency to fill it up when you return it but expect to pay double the charges. So, fill up the tank before you return the car. Before you pick up that rental car, make sure to ask the car agency about any other charges such as late return charges or early return charges. In other words, make sure there are no hidden charges and you are aware of all the charges you will be required to pay when you return the vehicle.

Overall, these are some of the things that you need to consider when you rent a car.

The Placencia Car Rental

Welcome. Here are the history of

The Car Rental of Placencia emerged from the closing of Stann Creek Auto Rentals. We wanted to fill the void and keep the cars rolling. With the help of a couple of satisfied customers wanting to keep using our services, we are back and better than ever! Same convenient location, same great customer service and reliable vehicles to rent.

We’re starting out small, but service is still big so whether you want a car or a golf cart give us a call and we’ll fix you up.

A cell phone will be provided free for use with your rental as well as no charge pick up and delivery from Placencia Village to Riversdale, including pick up at the Placencia Airport.

We don’t charge for extra drivers or child car seats.

We honor and give a discount to ALL military personnel.

Ask about our “One way from Belize City” drop-off.

We can also store your car or truck when you leave the country. We’ll power wash, detail and check your tire pressure for your return.

For those big moves, we have a 16 foot trailer in our rental fleet or if you’re looking to buy, we also have vehicles for sale.

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